The Google Mafia

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2 min readApr 21, 2023

A look at the top companies from the Google Tech Mafia

There are more than 2,300 companies founded by former employees of Google.

The full article with investors, money raised, and leading companies is here.

These are the top 10 and their founders:

1. Horizon Robotics — provides energy-efficient computing solutions for smart vehicles

Raised: $2.2 billion
Founded by: Annie Feiwen Tao

2. Anthropic — combining scaling and long-term AI alignment methods to build steerable, interpretable, and robust AI systems

Raised: $1.3 billion
Founded by: Dario Amodei

3. Nuro — develops and operates a fleet of electric self-driving vehicles that are built to deliver assorted local goods

Raised: $2.1 billion
Founded by: Dave Ferguson, Jiajun Zhu

4. Getaround — the world’s leading connected carsharing platform

Raised: $949 million
Founded by: Elliot Kroo

5. Livspace — a home interiors and improvement renovation company that connects people to designers, services, and products

Raised: $431 million
Founded by: Anuj Srivastava

6. Magic Eden — an NFT marketplace

Raised: $170 million
Founded by: Jack L.

7. Noom — a subscription-based app for tracking a person’s food intake and exercise habits

Raised: $657 million
Founded by: Artem Petakov

8. Workrise — a marketplace for on-demand services and skilled labor in the energy industry

Raised: $752 million
Founded by: Sandeep Jain

9. Veritone — provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions

Raised: $390 million
Founded by: Chad Steelberg, Ryan Steelberg

10. Snorkel AI — empowers data scientists and developers to turn data into accurate and adaptable AI applications fast

Raised: $135 million
Founded by: Braden Hancock

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