The Top Thiel Fellows of 2023

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3 min readJul 5, 2023


Billionaire Peter Thiel created the “Thiel Fellowship” which gives $100,000 to young founders building brilliant startups.

Alumni include founders of Embark, Ethereum, Figma, Luminar, OYO, and DoNotPay.

Previous Fellows have founded companies collectively worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

We took a look at the top Thiel Fellows of 2023 to keep an eye on:

Thiel Fellow 2023

1. Spellbound — a no-code platform to help marketing teams increase engagement.

Founder: Akshaya D.
Location: San Francisco, CA

2. Voldex — a game studio that acquires, improves, and builds games on user-generated content game platforms Roblox and Minecraft.

Founder: Alex S.
Location: Montreal, Quebec

3. Mach Industries — a suite of defense systems to support using new inventions in the hydrogen space.

Founder: Ethan Thornton
Location: Boston, MA

4. Solvemed — advanced digital phenotyping technology for brain evaluation.

Founder: Hugo Chrost 🧠
Location: San Francisco, CA // Warsaw, Poland

5. Dream Hustle Code — creating a three-tiered approach toward a sustainable Gen Z workforce development pipeline.

Founder: Ian Michael Brock
Location: Chicago, IL

6. Neusleep — building a wearable device that induces and improves sleep through personalized neurostimulation.

Founder: Jake Adler
Location: Miami, FL

7. Succinct — building a trust-minimized way for any blockchain to access Ethereum.

Founder: John Guibas
Location: Palo Alto, CA

8. CropSafe — automates farm banking, monitoring, and production forecasting using AI and satellite data.

Founder: John M.
Location: Los Angeles, CA

9. Cryopets — developing whole-body cryopreservation for pets.

Founder: Kai Micah Mills
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

10. Luminai’s — one-click solutions streamline multi-step, manual workflows for customer service teams.

Founder: Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran
Location: San Francisco, CA

11. Nucleus Genomics — a next-generation consumer genetic testing and analysis company.

Founder: Kian Sadeghi
Location: Brooklyn, NY

12. Delphi Labs — a frontier tech research and advisory firm with a focus on applied AI.

Founder: Markie Wagner
Location: Los Angeles, CA

13. Arist — helps leading companies build skills at scale by delivering bite-sized learning via SMS, Slack, and MS Teams.

Founder: Michael Ioffe
Location: Portland, OR // New York, NY

14. WeLoveNoCode — a no-code marketplace connecting more than 50,000 freelancers to full-time, long-term remote jobs in the most successful and fastest growing companies.

Founder: Nik Shevchenko
Location: San Francisco, CA

15. Tavus — uses AI to programmatically generate personalized videos of you (with your voice and face) at scale.

Founder: Quinn Favret
Location: Austin, TX // New York, NY

16. Macro Energy — building a way to produce a cheap and accessible carbon-negative energy source.

Founder: Reiss Jones
Location: Manchester, England

17. Axiome — pioneering single-molecule biosensors for novel drug discovery and diagnostic applications.

Founder: Samarth Athreya
Location: Burlington, Ontario // San Francisco, CA

18. Alloy — a leading integration and automation platform for commerce.

Founder: Sara Du
Location: New York, NY

19. Bloom — helps the next generation of Americans become more financially literate and build wealth.

Founder: Sonny Mo
Location: San Francisco, CA

20. Slash — lets entrepreneurs who are 13-years-old or older open a business bank account without an LLC in less than 10 minutes

Founder: Victor Cardenas
Location: San Francisco, CA

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