Top 10 AI Startups from YC ’23 Winter Batch

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2 min readApr 26, 2023

From the 282 startups selected for Y Combinator’s ’23 batch, 59 of them were AI based. That’s around 22%!

We took a look at each one and these are the top 10 most promising AI startups across industries that you need to know about:

1: Diffuse Bio — building a push-button entirely AI software platform for molecular design, leveraging breakthroughs in generative AI

Founded by: Namrata A. Anand, a bioengineer/computer scientist who’s worked on problems at the intersection of machine learning and biology.

2: Pair AI — reimagining education with short form video and AI

Founded by: Parth Detroja and Jason Goodison. Parth has launched multiple 7 figure courses & as a Product Manager at Facebook where he patented half a dozen AI technologies. Jason is a Software Engineer & helped launch Windows 11, and also grew a YouTube channel to $135k in 4 months.

3: Electric Air — the Tesla of heat pumps

Founded by: Chris Mui, former aerospace and Tesla engineer.

4: OutSail Shipping — containerized Sails for Cargo Ships

Founded by: Bailey Da Costa, Joseph Oorebeek, and Arpan Rau, who’ve all worked at companies like SpaceX, Impossible Aerospace, and Tesla.

5: inBuild (YC W23) — workflow automation for construction finance

Founded by: Ty Sharp & Ian Sharp. Ty was previously CFO at Sweeney Development, an Aspen-based General Contractor building $350M in construction volume.

6: Fabius (YC W23) — AI to improve sales calls

Founded by: Andy Day and Neil Madsen, who previously worked at LiveRamp.

7: Speedy Brand, Inc. — Generative-AI powered Marketing Content for SMBs

Founded by: Ayush Jasuja, Jatin Mehta, Ranti Dev Sharma. 3 AI engineers who’ve shipped AI products at companies like Apple, Microsoft and Nextdoor.

8: Haven — AI-powered front desk for property managers

Founded by: Juan Burgos, Satya Koppu, and Pranav Neyveli, who all previously built PeerPal, which was acquired in 2021 by Graduway.

9: CreatorML (YC W23) — ML-Powered Predictive Analytics for YouTube Creators

Founded by: Charles Weill, ex-GoogleAI Machine Learning Research.

10: Chart (YC W23) — deploy fast ML infrastructure with one click

Founded by: Fatih Celikbas, previously worked at Meta.

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