Y Combinator ‘23 Batch: Top 10 Startups with Unicorn Potential

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2 min readApr 12, 2023


Y Combinator’s latest batch of 282 startups was announced a few days ago.

Our team at PIN took a look at the full list to see who is building what and any future unicorns to watch out for.

Meet our top 10 picks of YC Winter ‘23:

1: Jaldi — an online supermarket for South Asians living in the US

Founder Sunny Singh previously worked at Uber Grocery.

2: Invopop (YC W23) — helps global software companies comply with local tax reporting requirements

Founded by Juan Moliner Malaxechevarría and Samuel Lown who was previously the CTO of Cabify, Spain’s first unicorn.

3: Sanvivo (YC W23) — DoorDash for pharmacies

The founders Nikolai Alemi and Dominic Haul previously worked at companies like BMW & Microsoft.

4: qoohoo (YC W23) — helps creators grow, manage & monetize their audience across all social & messaging platforms

Founder Aseem Gupta was part of early engineering team at razorpay, and Vimal Singh Rathore bootstrapped coursavy to a multimillion dollar exit.

5: Storyboarder — a tool and a platform for anyone to create, share, and sell webcomics

Founder Charles Forman previously co-founded a gaming startup which was acquired by Zynga for $210M.

Joe Watkins lead a computer vision/machine learning team at Google.

6. GoodCourse — a TikTok-style corporate learning platform, training employees on topics like compliance and inclusion

Founders Chris W. Mansfield and Omar Mughal previously worked at early-stage and venture-backed startups.

7. Porter — accounting software for startups for integrating & automating financial tools and bookkeeping

Founded by Andy Wang.

8. Luca — a pricing co-pilot for e-commerce businesses, replacing old-school spreadsheet-based forecasts

Founded by former Uber Pricing employees Tanvi Surti and Yonah Mann.

9. Conduit — makes software for warehouses to automate scheduling with truckers

Founded by Saba Khalilnaji UC Berkeley Bioengineering alumni and exDoorDash logistics engineer and Conrad Lilleness.

10. Radical

Making mobile broadband accessible from anywhere at a fraction of the cost of terrestrial or satellite solutions

Founded by Cyriel Notteboom and James Thomas who both worked at Amazon Prime Air.

Full article on why we chose these startups coming soon to our blog!

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